At today’s Saturday meeting we brainstormed and tested various idea for the Cascade Theory game. We will post design process slides on the design process page. We hope to meet every week and succeed this season!

Season 2 Kickoff

FTC released the 2014-15 objectives today! We got together and brainstormed various solutions for the Cascade Effect. We plan to begin the prototyping process soon and will be updating regularly. We’re beginning to outreach more with mentoring and organizing the notebook. This year will be a challenge and we’re thrilled.

Final Robot Design

Before going to our first Competition, we developed a final design that we are currently almost done tweaking. It was nominated for a design award in Corning Iowa. It includes: a stable c-base, a state-of-the-art lift system, functioning intake rollers, a wiring section organised on a board, various sponsor banners mounted, various sensors. In the time before our second qualifier, we’ve upgraded it even more.
image (1)