Iowa Wild Card and Lego Camp

We went to the Iowa Wild Card qualifier in Iowa City and managed to make it to and extremely close finals. It was a great experience. The team was nominated for the PTC design award.
We taught a K-5 camp at the Edgerton Explorit Center on Lego EV3 coding.
5391484abdb4f.imageWe are working on a new drive train and coaching strategy in anticipation for Super-Regionals!! We’re pysched.

Nebraska State Success

We spent Saturday at the first Nebraska State FTC competition. We were on an alliance with Loading… and the Juggernauts. Our alliance managed to win the tournament and our team was awarded the Innovate Award. We also managed to qualify to SuperRegionals for the first time, so that’s great.

Season 2 Robot Finished!

Our Season 2 robot design is in its final stages. You can check out our latest 3D model here.

We plan to have the finishing touches done on our physical robot for you to see here on the site. Also it would be great if people actually checked the website out.

You can also click here to download.

First Scrimmage

Quick Update: We spent a day our first scrimmage of the year. We helped a few other team and did well. We also filmed some footage for this season’s video! We planned to have one but it was canceled due to the weather. The robot is well on its way to completion and we are excited to unveil it on the site soon.


Over fall break we spent 3 days building the robot base and 3d printing intake rollers at the University of Nebraska. We had a great time (with the exception of catching up on our notebook). Also Five Guys is delicious!

Design Breakthroughs

We’ve been constantly working out he base robot design so we can hopefully build it next week. As you can see by the updated 3D draft, we have some interesting components to mess with in the future. Also we plant to start production on the new team video!